Weight Wire 12-pack


Field kit with SpecTastic cords, line-lock swivels, no-snag snaps, and weight wires

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Use these unique steel wires to attach a slip sinker (e.g., bullet weights, barrel sinkers) up to 3/8-ounce to the bottom Line-lock swivel of your Recoil Rig. A single wire is sufficient for weights up to 3/8 ounce. For heavier weights (up to 5/8-ounce), use two weight wires at a time.

Each Weight Wire is engineered to straighten at 2-1/2 pounds of pull, making them the best solution for anglers using 4-pound test lines in extremely clear water.

If a sinker becomes wedged and you can’t shake it loose, a steady pull will straighten the wires. The sinker remains behind and you save your hook, line, Recoil Rig, and weight wire.

How to attach: Attach a Line-lock swivel to the bottom or your Recoil Rig. Insert one arm of the Weight Wire through the round swivel eye and then insert both arms through the slip sinker. Bend both wires in opposite directions at right angles where they emerge from the bottom of the weight.

Want to use heavier weights? Just use two weight wires for 1/2-ounce to 3/4-ounce slip sinkers. When you double up on the wires, they release at five pounds of pull.


  • 12¬†x¬†Reusable Weight Wires

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