SpecTastic Ballistic Cord 5-inch 24-Pack


Field kit with SpecTastic cords, line-lock swivels, no-snag snaps, and weight wires

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Restock your Secret Weapon Recoil Rig™ kit with these patented, durable Spectra™-wrapped elastic ballistic cords. Each 5-inch cord stretches three times its length and is rated at 14-pound test. Durable enough for 4 to 8 hours of fishing.

Note 1: Be sure to pick up some Line-lock Swivels with which you attach the upper end of a SpecTastic ballistic cord to your fishing line. [View Rigging Instructions.]

Note 2: If 5-inch is good, isn’t 10-inch SpecTastic better? No, 5-inch length has proven to be optimum. Buy 10-inch cords only if you intend to double them over for bell or pencil sinkers over 1 ounce. Remember, 5-inch SpecTastic cord stretches to 15 inches. You don’t want your bait bouncing around like popcorn! Usually just a subtle twitches, vibration, or wiggle works best.

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