SpecTastic Ballistic Cord 10-inch 12-Pack


Field kit with SpecTastic cords, line-lock swivels, no-snag snaps, and weight wires

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These special 10-inch Spectra™-wrapped elastic ballistic cords are used with pyramid and bell sinkers over one ounce. When doubled over, each 10-inch cord stretches to twenty-four inches and is rated at 14-pound test. Durable enough for 4 to 8 hours of fishing.

To use: Pass the SpecTastic ballistic cord through the sinker eye and then cinch both ends in the Line-lock swivel, which is tied to the end of your fishing line. [View Rigging Instructions.]

Note: Remember to pick up some extra Line-lock Swivels before you check out. You are going to need those to attach the SpecTastic to your fishing line. Tying them on is very difficult and time-consuming.


  • 12 x 10-inch SpecTastic ballistic cord

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