Recoil Rig Gamefish Master Pack


If you never want to be caught short of Recoil Rig components on the water, this tackle pack is the one for you. Serious tournament gear for dedicated anglers.

This 118-piece tackle pack includes everything you need for every Recoil Rig technique described on this Website.


  • 60 x 5-inch SpecTastic Shock Cords
  • 20 x Line-lock Swivels
  • 10 x No-snag Snaps
  • 24 x Reusable Weight Wires (for use with slip sinkers)
  • 6 x Half-ounce Teardrop Line-lock Weights
  • Instructions
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Rig with your sinker and hook, and catch up to ten times as many flounder as anglers using live bait!

Gulf coast anglers have proven this hi-vis chartreuse out-produces other color patterns. In open water, nose-hook with a drop-shot or circle hook, or rig weedless with wide-gap 3/0 hooks when fishing grass flats. One lure catches a dozen or more flounders, saving you time, money, and hassle.

Each 24-piece Recoil Rig Flounder Field Kit contains:

  • 12 x 10″ SpecTastic™ shock cords
  • 6 x Line-lock Swivels
  • 6 x 3.5-inch Chartreuse Recoil Shad
  • Instructions

Be sure to pick up an extra pack or two of chartreuse Recoil Shad before your trip.


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