Recoil Rig Tackle Packs

SpecTastic Ballistic Cord 5-inch 24-Pack

Restock your Secret Weapon Recoil Rig™ kit with these patented, durable Spectra™-wrapped elastic ballistic cords. Each 5-inch cord stretches three times its length and is rated at 14-pound test. Durable enough for 4 to 8 hours of fishing.

Note 1: Be sure to pick up some Line-lock Swivels with which you attach the upper end of a SpecTastic ballistic cord to your fishing line. [View Rigging Instructions.]

Note 2: If 5-inch is good, isn't 10-inch SpecTastic better? No, 5-inch length has proven to be optimum. Buy 10-inch cords only if you intend to double them over for bell or pencil sinkers over 1 ounce. Remember, 5-inch SpecTastic cord stretches to 15 inches. You don't want your bait bouncing around like popcorn! Usually just a subtle twitches, vibration, or wiggle works best.

Model: S-SC0524
Price: $4.99/pk

SpecTastic Ballistic Cord 5-inch 12-Pack

Same as above, but in a smaller pack to toss to your buddy, who is wondering why his drop-short rig isn't working while yours is.


  • 12 x 5-inch SpecTastic Shock Cords

Model: S-SC0512
Price: $2.99/pk

SpecTastic Ballistic Cord 10-inch 12-Pack

These special 10-inch Spectra™-wrapped elastic ballistic cords are used with pyramid and bell sinkers over one ounce. When doubled over, each 10-inch cord stretches to twenty-four inches and is rated at 14-pound test. Durable enough for 4 to 8 hours of fishing.

To use: Pass the SpecTastic ballistic cord through the sinker eye and then cinch both ends in the Line-lock swivel, which is tied to the end of your fishing line. [View Rigging Instructions.]

Note: Remember to pick up some Magnum Pencil Weights and extra Line-lock Swivels before you check out. You are going to need those to attach the SpecTastic to your fishing line. Tying them on is very difficult and time-consuming.


  • 12 x 10-inch SpecTastic ballistic cord

Model: S-SC10-12
Price: $49.99/pk

Line-lock Swivel 12-pack

This is a real time-saver!

The V-shaped wire on one end of this barrel swivel is perfectly suited to hold your SpecTastic™ shock cord without a knot. Thread your fishing line through the swivel eye to create a sliding rig, or tie it to the end of a fishing line for drop-shotting.


  • 12 x Line-lock Swivels

Model: S-LS124
Price: $1.99/pk

Half-ounce Teardrop Line-lock Sinkers

Each half-ounce teardrop-shaped lead weight has a brass line-lock barrel swivel, making this one of the easiest sinkers to attach to your Recoil Rig.


  • 6 x Line-lock Teardrop Sinkers

Model: S-ST050-6
Price: $3.99/pk

Weight Wire 12-pack

Use these unique stainless steel wires to attach a slip sinker (e.g., bullet weights, barrel sinkers) up to 3/8-ounce to a Line-lock swivel at the lower end of your Recoil Rig's SpecTastic cord. The flexible wires protruding out to the sides of the sinker snag debris on the lake bottom, anchoring the weight in place so you can work the lure effectively. A steady tug flexes the wire to loosen its grip.

A single wire is sufficient for weights up to 3/8 ounce. For heavier weights (up to 5/8-ounce), use two weight wires at a time.

Each Weight Wire is engineered to straighten at 2-1/2 pounds of pull, making them the best solution for anglers using 4-pound test lines in extremely clear water.

If a sinker becomes wedged and won't shake loose, a steady pull will straighten the wires. The sinker remains behind and you save your hook, line, Recoil Rig, and weight wire.

How to attach: Attach a Line-lock swivel to the bottom or your Recoil Rig. Insert one arm of the Weight Wire through the round swivel eye and then insert both arms through the slip sinker. Bend both wires in opposite directions at right angles where they emerge from the bottom of the weight.

Want to use heavier weights? Just use two weight wires for 1/2-ounce to 3/4-ounce slip sinkers. When you double up on the wires, they release at five pounds of pull.

Each pack includes 12 reusable Weight Wires.


  • 12 x Reusable Weight Wires

Model: S-WW12
Price: $1.99/pk

No-snag Snaps 12-pack

A fast, secure wire clip that attaches a weight to your line-lock swivel or a lure to a fishing line.


  • 12 x No-snag Snaps

Model: S-NS-12
Price: $1.99/pk