Dynamic Recoil Rig

Make Soft Molded Lures Come Alive!

Remote Control for Lures

Recoil Rig DiagramSecret Weapon Recoil Rig™ (formerly called the Wiggle Rig) puts new life in your favorite grubs, worms, and creature baits. Start with a kit and then add extra components to prepare for the best fishing of your life!

A Recoil Rig Field Kit or Master Pack also makes the perfect gift for any angler. Nothing says, "Happy Birthday" or "Get Well Soon" like a box full of premium, high-performance fishing tackle!

"This rig is one of my favorite rigs also, in fact, it helped me win my first and only club tournament in the dead of winter." [B.K., South Korea]


Most amazing lure action ever seen!

  • Eye-catching, lifelike action
  • Stationary vibration source
  • Optimal scent dispersal agent
  • Lure swims in place as long as it takes to trigger strikes

Watch this eye-catching lure action. No other rig has ever succeeded in creating totally lifelike action with the lure remaining (for minutes, if necessary) in the strike zone.

Imagine putting this by a dock piling, on a rock pile, under a floating weed mat or other ambush point where giant fish lurk. They’ll notice it, too.

Rodney Long’s Recoil Rig has been called the World’s Only Lure Remote Control because with it, you completely control the action of your lures.

Other lures pass through a strike zone, relying on the retrieve to impart movement that triggers strikes. A Recoil Rig enables anglers to work a lure up to the bass' kill zone and park it there twitching, vibrating, fluttering until the predator bites.

Watch Deep South Anglin's Rob Doherty use a Recoil Rig to goad bedding bass into a fatal reaction.

Drop shot upgrade

Drop shot rigs have achieved a whole new dimension with Secret Weapon's Recoil Rig™. Many times more effective than a conventional drop shot presentation, the Recoil Rig makes soft plastic baits virtually come alive!

As with any drop shot rig, a weight at the end of your fishing line holds the Recoil Rig in place. However, lift your rod to put slight tension on your line, and a mini-bungee cord, actually a Spectra®-wrapped latex band, stretches to about twice it's normal length. Then your lure will mirror every twitch, shake, and vibration of your rod tip in any direction. Even motion as slight as a heartbeat transfers from your hand to the lure.

With conventional drop shot rigs, snapping the rod tip upward causes the lure to rise quickly and drift slowly back down again. The Recoil Rig, however, exerts pull on the lure in both directions. With every twitch and vibration of the rod tip, soft molded lures shimmy, shiver, writhe and swim naturally, even sitting in one spot. You can imagine its effect on lurking gamefish that grew to mammoth size due to ingrained caution. Eventually they detach from cover, drift up close, and with flared gills vacuum up the lure.

Not only is this stationary presentation super-effective, but Recoil Rigs impart lifelike motion to lures being dragged across the lake bottom, too. Pause the retrieve by each stump, piling, or ledge and work the lure in place for fifteen, thirty, sixty seconds or longer to tempt any fish in the vicinity, and then move on to the next. The action this produces is ten times more enticing than is possible with a Carolina rig.

"Drop shots drive finicky bass to bite, and the tantalizing action inherent in these outfits can be maximized with Secret Weapon's Recoil Rig. The rig basically adds a small bungee-like cord between the main line and the weight. Attached with a simple clip, the lure can be jiggled wildly without pulling the weight off the bottom, aggravating even the most stubborn bass into striking."

Bass Times

Buy Recoil Rig Kits & Components

Recoil Rig Field Kit

Recoil Rig Field Kit

Everything you need to get started Recoil Rigging except lead weights, which most anglers already have in their arsenals. [Details]


Recoil Rig Teardrop Field Kit

Recoil Rig Teardrop Field Kit

Add the ideal line, hook, and lure for your fishing conditions, and this tackle pack has everything else you need to start Recoil Rigging. [Details]


Gamefish Master Pack

Recoil Rig Gamefish Master Pack

The ultimate tackle pack the pros use to make sure they don't run out on the water. [Details]

Panfish Master Pack

Recoil Rig Panfish Master Pack

Trout, bream, crappie, perch, bass.... if there are any fish at all where you're casting, fire up the grill and grease the skillet, because you'll eat well tonight! [Details]


Flounder Field Kit

Recoil Rig Flounder Field Kit

Rig with your sinker and hook, and catch up to ten times as many flounder as anglers using live bait! [Details]


Teardrop Line-lock Weights


Six-pack of lead, half-ounce weights with line-lock barrel swivels for quick attachment to SpecTastic cords. [Details]


10" SpecTastic Cords 12-ct

10-inch SpecTastic Cord 12-pack

10-inch ballistic shock cords are threaded through the eye of a heavy sinker, doubled over, and then both ends cinched in the same line-lock swivel. [Details]


5" SpecTastic Cords 24-ct

5-inch SpecTastic Cord 24-pack

Restock your Secret Weapon Recoil Rig™ kit with these patented, durable Spectra™-wrapped elastic ballistic cords. [Details]


5" SpecTastic Cords 12-ct

5-inch SpecTastic Cord 12-pack

When your back-seater begs you for a few SpecTastics, toss him this 12-pack and keep on fishing. [Details]


No-snag Snaps 12-ct

No-snag Snaps

A fast, secure wire clip that attaches a weight to your line-lock swivel or a lure to a fishing line. [Details]


Line-lock Swivels 12-ct

Line-lock Barrel Swivels

The V-shaped wire on one end of this barrel swivel is perfectly suited to hold your SpecTastic™ shock cord without a knot. [Details]


Weight Wires 24-ct

Weight Wires

Fine stainless-steel wires attach a slip sinker (e.g., bullet weights, barrel sinkers) up to 3/8-ounce to a line-lock swivel cinched onto the bottom of your SpecTastic cord. [Details]


Where Are My Other Secret Weapons?

Quickstrike and Sidearm spinnerbaits, BuzzRbaits, BuzzKillR's, Quick-clip Blade Attachments, and lure kits are not gone for good; they're just off-line while we redesign, retool, and upgrade those product lines. We hope to have them back online and in stores in 2017.

Secret Weapon Wire Baits
Secret Weapon Lures

Remote control for your lures


Elite pro Randy Howell explaines in "The coolest bass rigs you aren't throwing" (BASSMASTER, November 4, 2012), “When drop shotting without the Recoil [Rig], the sinker hops off the bottom. With this, the weight stays there, and the band stretches and makes the bait wiggle a lot more.”

A spinning outfit with braided line and a fluorocarbon leader is his preferred set-up for Recoil Rigging.

Whether tossing it out and walking it back to a bedding bass or dropping it through holes in grass, a Recoil Rig enables your lure to remain in the strike zone longer than any other presentation. Lifelike action is imparted to the lure with every twitch, vibration, and pulse of your rod tip.

Howell says, “When I’ve fished Lake Erie and Champlain, I get more bites and they seem to bite it quicker that way. I can make a Yamamoto Shad Shake Worm look like a minnow swimming around.”

[Read the entire BASSMASTER article.]

Do they work? Don't just take our word for it....

Tom Kail, Jason Norton, and Recoil Rig bassHere are a few photos of Jason and me holding some of our tourney fish…. We had a wonderful, fish-filled season taking 15 wins, 8 tourney lunkers and 23 tourney largemouths that weighed in over 5 pounds each… in N.Y. waters! We used nothing but the your Recoil Rig all season.

Thanks so much for designing such a great product.

Tom Kail


"One season, 15 wins, 8 tourney lunkers and 23 tourney largemouth over 5 pounds...all on Recoil Rigs."


Just placed my second order for more stuff! …My folks live on Toledo Bend lake, on the Texas side, and Dad just ran out of weights from my last purchase. He called yesterday and told me that he and Mom just got back off the lake. They fished for about an hour and caught 16 keepers. He also asked me to contact you for more [Recoil Rig] supplies and couldn’t quit raving about how much he liked it, especially the easy connect type weights and the springy SpecTastic stuff. They fished with watermelon red Sluggos in 16 to 18 feet and tore em up!

By the way, Dad is no slouch as a bass fisherman. He is a past Louisiana Mr. Bass. He’s been in Bassmaster mag and won lots of tourneys. He’s been fishing Toledo Bend since the dam was completed and now lives there.

Ronald Poindexter

I have been using Rodney’s Wiggle Rig [Recoil Rig] and his drop shot hooks for two years now. They are awesome! When the money is on the line, I go to the Recoil Rig. I recommend this rig to anyone who wants to catch more fish.

Lee Smith

The Recoil Rig is a great invention, made by a great individual. I sometimes wish Rodney was my Grandpa. He has amazing fishing advice in regards to his rig, along with all around solid fishing advice.

The best part of the wiggle rig [Recoil Rig] (besides the fish catching potential) is how Rodney stands by his product. He will return 100% of your money if you don’t get good results and won’t even ask for the product. That is a win/win situation in my book.

Bottom line is that you won’t be let down with his product and you’ll never be let down with his personal customer service. It’s all top notch.


Just a few lines to let you know I appreciate the fast service on my order…

The lake I fish is 85 acres and gets very heavy fishing pressure-on weekdays at least 6 to 8 boats; on weekends 11 to 14 and half of those with 2 fishermen. I usually fish “Wacky Rig” with Zoom trick worms and I do catch fish.

I wrote to tell you about my first trip with your “Wiggle Rig” [Recoil Rig]. I fished my usual rig for 2 hours and did catch 3 bass. Anyway, I anchored at this one spot and fished a complete circle around my boat in 10 feet of water and no strikes. I looked at the “Recoil Rig” [formerly “Wiggle Rig”] and thought this would be a good time to start learning how to fish it. I threw out my first cast, waited a few seconds and closed my bail, and I felt this pulling on my rod and had a bass on. I released it and on my second cast caught another bass.

To make a long story short in that area I boated 4 bass, one chain pickerel, and one bluegill. I did not get a strike in that area with my other lures I fished the “Recoil Rig” [formerly “Wiggle Rig”] the rest of my trip. I now use 3 rods rigged up on the “Wiggle Rig.” [Recoil Rig].

Results of 1st Trip: 12 bass, 1 chain pickerel, 3 bluegill.
2nd Trip: 6 bass, 3 chain pickerel, 3 bluegill, 2 crappie
3rd Trip: 12 bass, 3 chain pickerel, 1 crappie, 4 bluegill

This is on a lake with heavy pressure with most fishermen complaining about no fish. By the time you receive this mail I’ll have a few more trips in. I now only carry one plastic box with Recoil Rig equipment.


M.R. Fanus, Harrisburg, PA

"I've done very well with this rig and gained some checks I know I wouldn't have without it!" [L.S., Mississippi]

"...instead of wiggling your rod, try tapping or slapping the rod handle while you hold the line tight, it gives that lure a subtler movement than trying to wiggle the tip." [D, Illinois]

"I love the Recoil Rig, finding that it not only catches bass, but crappies and walleyes as well." [S.H., Tennessee]

How it works

The heart of this incredible fishing tackle innovation is a special 5–10-inch Spectra® wrapped, elastic latex strand. Rig as you would a drop shot, but insert a“SpecTastic” ballistic shock cord between the end of your fishing line and your sinker.

This strong, durable material can stretch three times its length, allowing the angler to impart as much (or little) action to the lure as he desires.

The Spectra wrap is what gives the patented SpecTastic shock cord its 14-pound breaking strength and prevents the thin, pliable elastic band from snapping during casts. Green, cotton fibers over-wrap the Spectra to help camouflage the cord, making it easier to see and handle for rigging but less visible in the water.

Secret Weapon Recoil Rig

With a half-ounce weight anchoring the rig in place, lift your rod tip to put slight tension on your line. Now the lure follows every rod tip movement in all directions. Even heartbeat vibrations are transferred from your hand to the lure.

Lure manufacturers pour millions of research dollars trying to mimic the action of prey species. They also spend huge sums trying to get the skirts, tails, or limbs of their lures to continue moving after the lure has come to rest. Despite years of research, very little continued movement has ever been archived after the lure stops moving through the water; yet anglers buy many millions of dollars worth of lures that supposedly move a little once the lateral action stops.

They know natural prey keeps moving even when staying in one spot.Keeping a lure moving in one spot was the “Holy Grail” of lure manufacturers. Unless predators see their prey moving, most times they will not hit it. Movement is essential. 

The drop shot rig came closer to mimicking live bait than anything that preceded it. In deep, clear water, it out-produces all previous presentations, even though the action is not totally natural.

Bass fishing’s “Holy Grail” has been found!

The Holy Grail that tackle manufacturers sought turned out not to be a new lure; it’s a new rig and technique of fishing all soft molded lures.

Taking its place alongside Texas-rigging, Carolina-rigging, and Drop-shot rigging, Recoil Rigging is the next step in the evolution of soft plastic lure presentations. This giant leap forward in reproducing the actual movement and vibrations of prey turns two-dimensional fishing into three dimensions, and it vastly increases the catch rate of fishermen who have mastered its techniques.

Since it’s inception just a few years ago, Recoil Rigging has been the best-kept secret in tournament fishing. Although this rig won a Bassmaster Classic Best of Show and is responsible for millions of dollars in tournament wins, people who compete with it just don’t talk about it. When asked what they are using, successful anglers using Recoil Rigs might say they are drop-shotting. Why would they want their competition to learn about their “secret weapon” and the edge it gives them?

Although the Secret Weapon Recoil Rig is tied like a drop shot rig, it is drastically different. You would have to know what you’re looking for and observe closely to tell that it’s not a drop-shot rig. Anglers fish the Recoil Rig under drop-shot conditions, but it also excels in locations and under conditions where anglers usually rely on Carolina, Texas rig, and jigging. Comparing the Recoil Rig to a drop-shot rig is like comparing a high-performance bass boat to a jon boat.

There is one key difference between the Recoil Rig and a drop shot rig: a slender length of high-tech shock cord between the weight and lure. This special elastic material makes all the difference in the world in lure presentation. Called SpecTastic, it is an elastic thread core with an outer sheath of Spectra fiber. It is protected by a utility patent, so any elastic that anyone tries to use for this application is also covered by this patent (although no other elastic material will work, and every elastic manufactured in the world was tested and failed). I had to “invent” SpecTastic, to get this rig to work, and it is manufactured “only” for Secret Weapon Lures, (which because of the small quantities manufactured, makes it the most expensive thread in the world) as I own the patent, it can be bought no other place, or for any other application.

A lure can be rigged weedless on the Secret Weapon Recoil Rig allowing it to be fished in weeds and cover. No special hooks or knots are needed.

SpecTastic shock cords stretch three times it’s length with less than 3/4-ounce pull, yet it is 14-pound test. All other elastics that stretch with this little resistance will break with only two to three ounces of pull. You can’t cast other elastics or even slightly snag your weight without breaking it off. No rubber bands or spring will work either.

Never before have plastic worms actually writhed, twisted, and twitched like a real worm. Never before have soft plastic minnow lures been made to swim in circles, quivering like they’re injured, in one spot, just like real, distressed minnows.

It takes some practice to master and to catch all fish under all conditions, so practice where you can. Observe the action imparted to the lure by different rod tip actions. The videos show a lot of action because that catches fishermen, and when fish are active, a lot of action works great. But sometimes less is more. Just a little lure action is best for finicky fish. It takes experimenting each time you go out to find out which action they want that day. One great thing about the Secret Weapon Recoil Rig; is that you can vary that action on each cast.

The Recoil Rig works when the fishing conditions call for Texas Rigs, Carolina Rigs, drop-shotting, or jigging. When fish are suspended, don’t use it, unless you can vertically jig the rig right where the fish are. You can make one cast to structure and leave it there, working the lure and letting the fish come to it instead of trying to reach the fish by repeated casts. It can also be dragged along the bottom. When you pause, keep the lure moving in one spot. It can be fished behind log jams, in weed pockets, in places where you can’t work a lure with any other rig , places where the real hogs hang out.

The Recoil Rig is not just for bass fishing, either! In field tests, it has out-caught all other lures and rigs, even live bait, for catching trout, northern pike, and bream when the proper lures are used. These bream were caught in 20 minutes when this angler tried a Secret Weapon Recoil Rig for the first time. She had fished for over two hours with live worms without catching a single fish. [Read more about catching panfish with the Recoil Rig.]

Kids love fishing the Recoil Rig, too. Using it effectively is easy to master quickly, and best of all it turns fishing into catching. Once they feel a tug on their line and develop confidence in their ability to catch more fish, you’ve hooked a kid on fishing. And a great thing for dads is no more baiting up worms for the kiddos (although they do have to unhook a lot more fish).

The Recoil Rig will not catch fish if there are no fish where you’re fishing, no matter how good you get with it.

This rig presents every soft plastic lure more effectively, but you still need to choose the right lure and color for the conditions.

This was the first field test by a pro of the Secret Weapon Recoil Rig.

[Read the story behind this fish.].

Secret Weapon Recoil Rig Kits are available in many configurations. Weights as small as split shot up to three ounces will work, depending on which kit you order.

The Secret Weapon Recoil Rig is the only fishing tackle in the World, that has a 100% “instant” money back guarantee. You don’t even have to return the product. Just send us an email and tell me you don’t like it. No restrictions, or hoops for you to jump through…. You don’t even have to buy a stamp. We will immediately refund your money including Shipping &Handling charges, and you keep the rig. No product, much less any fishing tackle, sold anywhere in the world, can beat such a warranty.

Bill Siemantel, Castaic, California

Good fishing!

Rodney Long
Fishing Tackle Innovator
(205) 674-1495

For Slab Crappie

Steve McGoldrick at CrappieSlabFishing.com recommended a stacked Recoil Rig configuration for crappie. [Read Steve's article.]

One point worth making: the Standout Hook, another innovative product from Recoil Rig's inventor Rodney Long, is ideal for standard drop-shotting because it holds the bait out from the fishing line at right angle. According to Long, a free-moving hook works better for Recoil Rigging than does his Standout Hook. He recommends a standard drop-shot hook for nose-hooking small molded minnow baits.

In "Drop Shot Rig - SpecTastic Recoil Rig," McGoldrick explains, with photo, how he rigs a crappie grub or tube and offers suggestions for improved performance. [Read Steve's second article.]

For Largemouth Bass

Lee Smith is sold on Recoil Rig presentations for largemouth bass. As a tournament angler, he relies on the Rig, presenting it in a variety of ways that he describes in "The Secret Weapon Recoil Rig" on UltimateBass.com

For Smallmouth Bass

The Ol' Stumpbumper, Benny Hull, used a Recoil Rig much of the time when he fished mussel humps on his beloved Tennessee River for smallmouth bass. It's an improvement on traditional Carolina Rigging, allowing the angler much more control and permitting the lure to be paused and worked in place alongside structure on each retrieve. [Read Benny Hull's article on Hot Weather Deep Water Bass.]

"With practice, the rig is hard to beat!  Last fall I started a new technique of throwing the rig into a floating weed bed and pulling it out to the edge, leaving the weight on top of the bed, then slapping the water at the edge with the lure, What a BLAST! Very vicious strikes." [L.S., Mississippi]

"I have been using the Recoil Rig for close to two years now. It has without a doubt improved several techniques and helped me catch more fish. It not only works as advertised but works better than advertised. You will not regret buying this." [D.C., Ohio]

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